Long Sleeved Girl

Hey long-sleeved girl. Stop medicating your wonders just because silly minds tell you they are too awkward to fit into their dull world. Stop trying to wash away beauty with tears.

Hey long-sleeved girl. I wish you didn’t have to wear a sleeve so long, so thick; but it matches your world. 

Hey long-sleeved girl. Cut those thoughts, cut the hopes of insane sanity that they engraved in your dreams; for it doesn’t float like the beautiful madness you are used to.

Hey long-sleeved girl, don’t take off your sleeves if you don’t want to; just know you have nothing to hide; sometimes we hurt so much it scars us.

Hey long-sleeved girl, I anchor on to the pressing thoughts inked on your mind are not eternal scars like the ones you want to hide.

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