Erratic Euphoria

I let my senses consume me: I get drunk from looking, I become crazy from touching, and I drown while tasting. The five senses, I feel them so much that they hold hands and drown me in a wave of erratic euphoria.

It is undeniable, unstoppable. My curse is my blessing: being controlled by my senses makes my ego euphoric, and my consciousness erratic. I am a proud slave to them, and I want no freedom, for the inveterate cycle that dances with my clock move too fast, making me a slave to its pace. Anxiety.

Nonetheless, it’s the pace. It is too smart: it blinds me, making me feel like I am free, while I am running in confinement. I know this, but who cares if I am free or not, as long as my ego feels free, the erratic euphoria of my sense’s enslavement will control every bit of me.

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