You hate me now

You hate me now because I remind you too much of who you were.
You look at me and the experiences we’ve been through plunge over your heart, making it sourer than it was when you used to be the person you think you hate.
You hate what she used to do, how you used to talk, how she looked at herself in the mirror, how you loved menacing the reflection of your own eyes.
You can’t even stand to smell the perfume that dresses my clothes, and you curse your ears for listening to the loud, robust laugh that crawls from my mouth and runs into your ears- yes, you always want to know what she is laughing about, what I am laughing about.
We both hate each other; yet, we hold hands. For you&I and I&you are the same.
Dear I, please stop hating yourself; for she is the one who gave you enough love to be able to hate.

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