Understanding attraction

“I am attracted to you,” she told me. “I am attracted to you too,” I told her, my best friend. Love, what is love if not the purest form of attraction- love can be bad and attraction can be misunderstood. As a woman who does not believe in labels for sexuality, but who does have a preference for males when talking about romance, I fail to fall in the trap of the misinterpretation of the word attraction. Attraction is wanting to be with someone, allowing your ego to fall in the traps of love when you are with them, feeling their smile warm your soul: not because of them, but because of the energy their smile makes you feel. It is not purely physical—it can be—but physical and sexual attraction are two completely different things. You can be as attracted to your mother as you are to your boyfriend or girlfriend; society just puts sexual attraction on a pedestal, it is the king of a village of unheard of, but ever-existing, gods when compared to other types of attraction, which are just as present and agonizingly essential for our egos. Attraction can be toxic, you can be attracted to the bad in others, the bad you want to change in yourself, but toxicity is as painfully addictive as love is pure, and attraction is addiction: the hopeless purity of falling in things that make you want to get up.

Attraction makes you feel human and shitty and inspired and loved and happy at the same time; it makes you want to connect to different humans and it teaches you that other people do not complete you: they make you love yourself and learn more about yourself-for we are attracted to the strange (so that we can evolve our minds) and to the similar (so that we can discover more of our egos).

Attraction fosters a strange sense of oneness with others, with the unknown mazes the human mind creates. It makes you want, and when your wants are ignored, it makes you want to forget, for just wanting hurts too much. Attraction gives you multiple magnets to attract to, and it grounds your South to another person’s North and another person’s negative to your positive.

Attraction is exhaustively attractive; nonetheless, without exhaustion, there is no love- and with no love, there is no attraction.

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